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Salalah Rotana Resort is the perfect location to celebrate your special day with loved ones, thanks to its incredible five-star facilities, fantastic luxury accommodation options and romantic atmosphere.

Our spectacular Al Hajar Ballroom is the ideal venue for staging a stunning and memorable reception. Let our dedicated wedding team take care of every detail on your behalf, ensuring a stress-free day filled with love and cherished memories.

Our team of professionals will create the wedding package of your dreams, tailored to meet your every requirement and one that best reflects your individual personality, style and preferences.

Highlights of our wedding offering include:

Special discounted rates on guestrooms, laundry, food and beverage and treatments at Zen the spa for you and your wedding guests staying at the hotel

  • A complimentary photo-shoot opportunity in the resort on your wedding day
  • An elegant selection of international buffet menus designed by our Executive Chef or a customized set-menu preference
  • A beautiful foyer area for your pre-wedding reception
  • Female service staff available for ladies-only weddings
  • State-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and LCD projector upon request
  • Complimentary valet parking services for guests
  • Personalized signage to guide guests to the ballroom
  • Personalized wedding web page detailing your big day
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