Where meetings mean success

Take your meetings and conferences to a whole new level with Rotana. 

With access to our exceptional meeting and conference facilities, expect the same friendly and welcoming service Rotana is renowned for.

Choose your meeting and conference facilities located both indoors and outdoors. Enjoy personalised service, attention to detail and state-of-the art technology and business facilities. A wide selection of menus will also await you in your meeting space, or you can close your business meeting and conference with an appetizing lunch or dinner at the hotels’ stylish restaurants.

To ensure the success of your meetings and conferences, the expert events teams at our hotels will work with you and make the occasion unforgettable.

Booking meeting and events services: 

Organising your meetings and events starts with booking the venue and hiring our services. We make booking easier.

  • You’ll be dealing with a highly professional reservations team.
  • Our booking offices are open until 10:00 pm on weekdays to accommodate the time difference between national and international markets.
  • We answer booking enquiries and provide booking confirmation quickly.
  • We offer help with visa acquisition for businesspeople.

Why Rotana

Because Treasured Time is our Promise to You
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Discover Rotana’s top destinations
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MICE Packages

Different packages await you at Rotana
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 Sustainable Meetings 

Sustainable meeting practices help us give nature the VIP treatment
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 Business Centre 

Fully equipped centre to satisfy your business requirements
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 Menu Planning

Discover our chef’s irresistible creations
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Rotana Rewards Classic

A programme specially tailored to hotel, conference and banquet bookers
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Rotana Clients

Meet some of our clients
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